About Us

The Salt Lake Hospitality and Tourism Network is the premier industry association for hospitality professionals along the Wasatch Front. Founded in 2009, SLHTN plays a critical role in meeting the specialized and unique needs of Utah’s flourishing hospitality and tourism workforce.

By providing education and training, access to expert consultants, and opportunities to collaborate and exchange ideas, SLHTN works to develop Salt Lake City’s hospitality and tourism industry into a world-class professional force, and ensures our members have the tools and resources necessary to offer service that puts Utah on the map alongside other world-famous dining, tourist, and conference locations.

Through bi-monthly luncheons, networking opportunities, and training, SLHTN brings hospitality and tourism together for a strong network of industry businesses, associations, and government organizations. SLHTN’s mission is to provide one channel for trusted industry information, resources, and a positive support system for industry professionals.


Salt Lake Hospitality & Tourism Network’s mission is to support the goals and success of its members by giving the opportunity to share information, promote industry businesses, connect with tourism organizations and associations while building lasting relationships with other industry professionals.


The vision for SLHTN is to bring hospitality and tourism together to build a strong base providing a network of industry businesses, associations and government organizations into one channel providing information, resources and a positive support system for the industry professionals.